Adopt Me

Listed below are the pets that are up for adoption. If you are interested in any of our "Little Friends", please let us know by downloading and filing out our Adoption Application and Agreement Form. Then, give us a call so we can arrange a time for you to meet your new Little Guy.


Cici is a female Beagle/Shepherd mix puppy born on February 8th, 2015.


She is a sweetheart who loves to sit in your lap and cuddle.


Cici loves to play outside and she walks well on a leash for her young age.


She is up to date on all shots and worming.



Ninja is a 5 year old neutered Yorkshire Terrier.


He is up to date with all shots.
Ninja is very friendly and extremely active.


Please help us find Ninja a permanent loving home!!!



Noah is a male Netherland Dwarf rabbit. He is 8 months old and very friendly.



Spike is a Lion-Head Rabbit that is approx. 1 & 1/2 years old.


Spike is very timid and shy with people which sometimes results in grunts and possibly biting.


This adorable rabbit needs a lot of tender loving care and patience.



Violet is a female Bunny around 2 years old. She spent time at the Vet being checked out and she is healthy. She was found roaming around with no place to go until a wonderful person rescued her.


She dosen't mind dogs, she hops around with them.


What a sweety!!!!


Honey Bun AKA Pickles

Honey Bun is a 14 month old male dwarf bunny. He is not neutered but is very friendly.


Please help him find a sensational loving home!


Mrs. Bunny

Mrs. Bunny is a 4 year old white Dwarf Hotot rabbit.


She is very sweet and friendly.




Missy is a female kitten approx. 5 to 6 months old. She is spayed.


Tilly, who is 9 months old, is Michael’s sister listed below.


She too is a miracle cat and lived in spite of many obstacles.
Tilly is vision impared. She can see some shadows.


Tilly would do great in a home with extra loving care to show her that this world truly has loving people in it.




Michael is a miracle cat. He lived in spite of many obstacles. His situation has left him completely blind. Michael gets around with no problems at all.


He is neutered. Michael would do well in a loving home with some extra special care & compassion!!!


Michael is 9 months old & is ready to live his life happily now!!!



Happy and Chill

Happy is the dark one with a mask around the eyes.


Chill is Greyand white.


Both are female and around 5
years old.




Valentine is a female guinea pig under a year old.


Look at this adorable gal.




I am looking for a loving family to take me home!


My name is Chip, because I look like a litte chipmunk.


I am a real Sweet boy!


I am the daddy to 11 babies.


I need a Forever Family to call my own.



I am looking for a loving family to take me home!


My foster mom says I look like a little fluffy mouse!



I am looking for a loving family to take me home!


My name is Rabbit because I have a cute little bunny face!


Winter & Pluto

Winter is the white Cockatiel and Pluto is the other Cockatiel.


They are not hand tamed yet but we have a wonderful foster working with them.


They already are a lot friendlier. They both are a few years old.
Please think of adopting two awesome rescues.



Salt & Pepper

These two new rescues who are 6 months old and have just come to us.


They are not hand tamed.


Salt & Pepper are living in a foster's home settling down.


Hopefully with the right permanent household they can find the love and attention they so deserve.



Our Adoption Fees

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Sugar Gliders





Prices Vary

All fees are subject to change based on the individual animal's statistics.