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Listed below are the pets that are up for adoption. If you are interested in any of our "Little Friends", please let us know by downloading and filing out our Adoption Application and Agreement Form. Then, give us a call so we can arrange a time for you to meet your new Little Guy.


Kasha is a Dachshund/Pug Mix and what a doll she is. She is all up-to-date with her shots, spayed and ready to jump into your arms. Kasha is showing all the cute features of those irresistible pugs! This pup is loving, playful and gets along well with other dogs and children. What more can you ask for in such a cute puppy? Let Kasha wiggle in your arms and we are sure you won't want to let her go!


Jesse is a gorgeous Boston Terrier/ Basenji mix. He has a beautiful white coat with the cutest, brown- spotted ears. Jesse is a great spirited pup, friendly with children, dogs and cats. He is neutered, all up-to-date with his shots and ready for his forever home. Jesse is looking for love and a family he can play with for the rest of his life. Welcome this special pup with open arms and we are sure he will melt your heart!


Oh Skeeder, just look at this cutie! His unique black patch over his eye is just adorable. Although Skeeder is almost 3 years old, he is a well -rounded dog. Skeeder is great with other dogs and even cats! This small Chihuahua mix is already neutered and up-to-date with all of his shots. Get ready for this sweetie to enter your life!


Gunner is a Dachshund/Beagle mix and is almost 8 months old. He is up-to-date with all of his shots and is aiming at your heart. He is one adorable dog that will love the attention your heart can give. He is waiting excitedly to be a part of a forever home and be your family's next best friend.


Patriot is the complete opposite of Rebel. However, he can be loved all the same. This Dachshund/Boxer mix is the smallest of the liter and tends to be a bit shy, but he has a very warm personality. Patriot can be made into a champ with some love and attention. Just look at those beautiful eyes begging for a chance at love!


Pending Adoption.


RosieLee is such a sweetie and is as pretty as a rose with her light brown coat. She will be excited to be find a wonderful loving home. With some tender love and care this Dachshund/Boxer mix will bloom like a gorgeous rose.


This little pup is a Boston Terrier/ Basenji mix and you could hit the lottery with this cutie. He is all white, but also has unique brown spots. Who knows, maybe you can count his spots and use them as your next lottery draw numbers!


Once this pup is in your arms, you will know you hit the jackpot and how lucky you will be to have helped save a dog.


Jackpot is up to date on all shots and is Neutered.


Scooby is a 15 month old Lab/Beagle mix weighing 50 lbs. He is up to date on all shots and is housebroken.


Scooby is playful and full of energy. He needs to be in a cat free house.



New Bunnie

This little gal is a female Netherlands dwarf.


What a beauty she is!


This is Snowball. She is the mother to Snowflake, Tiger and Mocha. Snowball  was an excellent Mom to her 3 baby bunnies.  I forgot to mention that all of our bunnies are trained to use a litter box to urinate. Most of their poops are also done in there.




This is Mocha. Mocha is the sweetest of them all. Her left back leg sticks out a little odd but that doesn't slow her down. Mocha is the baby to Cappuccino and Snowball. Mocha loves to be pet and held. Mocha was born on December 23rd.




Jeffrey is a 2 year old mixed breed rabbit. He is looking for hie Forever Loving Home!



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All fees are subject to change based on the individual animal's statistics.